I for India Team

Sridhar Balachandar

Mr. Sridhar Balachandar

A Program and Project Controls professional, Sridhar is our Mr. Execution - a safe pair of hands with answers for it all - catering, logistics, venue - throw in some magicians and entertainers too!

Sriv Venkatesh

Mr. Sriv Venkatesh

A consultant turned banker by profession, Sriv is our Maverick Marketeer leading our sponsorships, strategic partners and the value proposition design on our offerings

Karthik Raghavan

Mr. Karthik Raghavan

An IT entrepreneur across Europe & India by profession, a drama and budding movie artiste by passion... Karthik is our Digitech Guru - be it website, email, ticketing, etc.

Sathish Duraisamy

Mr. Sathish Duraisamy

A chartered accountant and Banking professional, Sathish is the Spine and Brain of this movement. A social butterfly and a passionate community & events buff, Sathish is a jack of many trades - his toughest gig is keeping us and all projects in line!!

Jayaram Vijayaragavan

Mr. Jayaram Vijayaragavan

A man with a very high vision and outlook not just due to his height, Jay is a International technocrat straddling Asia & Europe. He is our Task buster and Timeline crasher, with sleeves always rolled up for every next task!!

Ramki Krishnamoorthy

Mr. Ramki Krishnamoorthy

A Strategy & Marketing professional, Ramki is passionate about music and overseas Indian communities. He is our Media & Communications handle, being our voice on email and social media!